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Name:Hiei ♠ 飛影
Player: [personal profile] robowolf/[ profile] robowolf/forensicninja at gmail!

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antagonizing idiots, bartending in the dark, being left alone, being the dragon, being yukina's mysterious racer x, belts, black, black onesies, botan maybe, cheerleading for kurama, demon realm, dragon of the darkness flaaaaaaame, dragons, emotional vulnerability with mukuro, expressing myself through violence, fighting, fire, flame on, genkai, getting gutpunched by mukuro, giving really awesome birthday presents, going topless, gotta go fast, hanging out in trees, having only one outfit ever, hibernation, honor apparently, hot topic, i am the night, jagan, kurama, kurama's fanged vagina plant, kuwabara i guess, letting kurama dress me sometimes, licking my own blood, mukuro, naps, not being human, not ice maidens, not koenma, not prison, not the glacial village, not the human realm, not underestimating kurama ever, outwalking kuwabara's attacks, punching through my feelings, ripping off my shirt, sacrificing an arm for a fight, saving yusuke's ass, scarves, silence, sleep, sleeping outside, solitude, sparring, stalking my loved ones, swords, thank god mukuro's not my dad, the evil eye, trash bags, traveling by giant centipede, various crimes, yukina, yusuke
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