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Character: Hiei
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character Age: Unknown, likely under 100. Appears like a very short youth, acts like a sullen five-year-old.
Job: Professional Handwarmer and Emergency Heater

Canon: 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi, the punk hero of Yu Yu Hakusho, starts the series off with a he is literally hit by a car and killed. Which, by the way, took the underworld (or “spirit world”, as we call it here) by total surprise, which is why he is able to earn back his life. In doing so, he also becomes the Spirit Detective, an unpaid, life-risking position that he absolutely can’t put on any resumes later in life. But he does get to punch jerks in the face and save the world!

One of the jerks he punches in the face and then befriends (in true shounen fashion) is Hiei, an extremely short and extremely grumpy fire demon who was born so angry and scary, he was literally dropped off a floating island to die. Hiei generally has two modes: silent and bored, or violent and rude. The list of things and people he doesn’t hate is short and private, and even those on that list are not safe from his dry, disdainful attitude. Originally a ruthless villain, Hiei finds himself becoming more of an honorable asshole over time, eventually becoming one of Yusuke’s closest teammates and friends - a role that does not keep him from still being a ruthless
almost-villain much of the time.

Sample Entry:
Tell us about yourself in a few words.

Why are you joining our happy community?
I am joining nothing. You have something of mine, and I am here to retrieve it. You would be wise to stay out of my way.

Why are you a valuable asset to this camp?
I am no one's asset - but if you consider your life to be of value to you, then you will do as I say and remove yourself from my path.

What do you expect from your camp experience?
I expect swift obedience, or there will be blood. It will not be mine.

What do you think of our security system?
The "security" you have on this encampment is laughable at best. Only a fool would find themselves trapped by so simple a barrier; and the gorillas of the human realm, purple or no, aren't even worth the energy it takes to think of them. When I have retrieved what I have come for and finished with my business here, I will make short work of your "security system". If you find yourselves vulnerable to attack thereafter, then so be it.

If you could get away with committing one crime and suffer absolutely no consequences, what would you do and why?
How do you know I haven't already?

Can you swim? Y/N
Those who can't swim on their own deserve to drown.
- Could you still do it under extreme distress? Y/N
I am never "distressed".
-- While dragging someone else to shore? Y/N
Why would I drag someone else to shore?
--- While something, let’s say a tentacle, tries to drag you under? Y/N
If you've angered something with tentacles, that is your problem and yours alone.
---- How would you handle that situation?
You can handle the tentacle. I'll be on shore, watching your sad demise until it bores me, which shouldn't take long.

Do you think you are good in a crisis? Why?
Don't think you can come crying to me to help you out of whatever mess you've made. Deal with your problems on your own.

What if the crisis involved the end of the world? Please explain.
Fool. I just answered this question.

Would you be able to dispose of the flesh of the undead? How?
The undead can dispose of their own flesh, and if they know what's good for them, it will be far from me.

Can you perform a flawless headshot? If not, and if your life depended on it, how many hours a week would you be willing to spend on the shooting range?
When I perform a "headshot", you will know it for the few seconds you have to register excruciating pain before your head is utterly destroyed. I suppose that may suffice for "perfect".

Do you have any deep personal traumas you might inexplicably be compelled to share in this questionnaire? Please describe.
I was dropped on my head as a-

...this interrogation is over.

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