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Appearance: Very short man/boy/person, usually in a large black poncho cloak...thing. And a big white scarf around his neck. His arms are usually wrapped up in bandages and he'll have a white band around his forehead. The white streaks in his hair are a weird piebald. His eyes are red.
He may look young, but he has a surprisingly deep voice.

Age: ??? IT IS A MYSTERY. fans argue anything between teenager to under 100 to at least 250.

Height: really short. I think I've read he's about 5'3"/160cm at the end of the series? the 158-165 cm range sounds about right.

Weight: probably something ridiculous like 90lbs. he's tiny but full of MUSCLE

Medical Info: he has straight-up had his left arm chopped off and had his gut half-cut through AND THEN HEALED FROM BOTH OF THOSE. Evil Eye on forehead is surgically implanted. lots of scars.
ALSO: has no heartbeat, although if you have demon-sensing powers or something, you might be able to hear his "core" working. YYH!demons have no hearts and instead of a "nucleus" basically a heart. but different. for reasons.
I think he still has a pulse, though.

Eyes: red (except for Evil Eye, which is purple)

Hair: black. except for the white streak in the front, which is some kind of very weirdly-shaped mallen streak and not just a shine off his hair. eat your heart out, Jason Todd.

Physical traits: tiny but MUSCLED. keeps his right arm bandaged (and warded) most of the time; there's a black dragon tattoo on it that is the DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS. also usually wears a band around his forehead (also a ward) to cover his Evil Eye. very deep and masculine voice, despite appearance. wears ALL BLACK all the time like a cool kid.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: NO FOURTH-WALL BREAKING, PLEASE

Abilities: super fast; master swordsman; fire user; astral projection; can control a giant black dragon of demonic fire; has an Evil Eye (Jagan) which allows...various psychic shit, basically. More in-depth, go to the YYH wiki page on Hiei's abilities because this is so much crap.
Canon forgets its own rules sometimes, but I'm gonna go with Hiei not being able to utilize his Evil Eye (and therefore most of his psychic powers) unless the ward is gone.

Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: VERY POWERFUL DEMON. may sense the Dragon of the Darkness or his Evil Eye, although both are usually warded unless otherwise stated. despite his demeanor, he will not actually cause active harm unless pushed to - he's mostly bark with a VERY POTENTIALLY DEADLY bite. (or if you provoke him. but he tries to be on what little good behavior he has around humans so he doesn't get in trouble.)
If you're super powerful, you can probably sense the Evil Eye and Dragon underneath the wards.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: you are so very free to try (and depending on the post, IT MAY WORK)

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: AGAIN, you are so very free to try and it may even work if it's a status effect post

Maim/Murder/Death: PING ME BABY because i am all for it


Other: I know the DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME has other names I can use, but that one is the most hilarious. where possible, I will use English translations (ie, Ice Maidens instead of Koorime, Evil Eye instead of Jagan, demon instead of youkai, etc).
YYH is largely the same between the anime and the manga; I'm going to play largely anime, but if something happened in the manga and doesn't contradict the anime, then I consider it canon.
Also: YYH is from the very early 90s. Just putting that out there.

IMPORTANT: Hiei is a cranky godmoding asshole, but I am not! definitely feel more than free to contact me via email (forensicninja at gmail) or on plurk ([ profile] robowolf) for anything you wanna do! or just ask me in OOC brackets in a comment. I love doing fun shit AND serious shit. And if I step on any toes or if you feel Hiei should/shouldn't be doing something he isn't/is doing, just tell me and I'll fix it.
I will also make an attempt to be on IRC when I'm playing, just ping me!
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